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PT Dayasa Aria Prima

PT. Dayasa Aria Prima is a company engaged in the manufacturing / paper manufacturer (Paper Mill) located in East Java, precisely in Driyorejo, Gresik Regency, a subsidiary of PT. Fajar Surya Wisesa, Tbk. The commitments of the Board of Directors, Management and employees at all levels adhere to the principles of: Adherence to Fairness Be fair to all parties, both customers, investors, employees and all parties who have a business relationship with the company Dedication to excellence The company is seriously focused on excellence. Employees and all interested parties recognize that everyone must be consistent in extra effort, encouragement, knowledge and competence to overcome difficulties and to continue moving forward in the best interests of the company and all related parties. Belief in the Value of the Individual The company believes that employees are the most valuable assets. The Company's success is also the result of the contribution of its employees who are competent and have high integrity. The company has built strong bonds of loyalty with employees so that employees have a sense of security so they are committed to carrying out their duties with a full sense of responsibility and do it with confidence for the best future. Concern for Social Responsibility The company fully carries out its duties as a good corporate citizen by contributing to the communities and communities where it operates. Natural resource management and environmental conservation are of great concern to the Company.
Jl.. Driyorejo km 25 Kecamatan Driyorejo Kabupaten Gresik, Jawa Timur
Kabupaten Gresik , Jawa Timur
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